So bottom line—working with Charles is like employing a team of big talents for the price of one.  And by the way, the expertise of his editing?—unbeatable!  Couldn’t believe it, and I’ve heard a lot of editing over the years!

Anyway, I’m really enthusiastic about this gifted young man and I am certain, once you’ve collaborated with him, you’ll not want to work with anyone else.”

Paul Harvey Aurandt Jr.
Creator and writer of "The Rest of the Story"
Radio Hall of Fame Writer

You Can Hear Me Now!

​Professional Audio Recording that Works.

“Let me introduce you to an extraordinary talent in the field of audio recording and production.  His name is Charles Szczepanek. 

Though there are many fine audio engineers out there, Charles is also a concert pianist and composer and musical arranger.  Brilliant on all counts.  Has dealt with all kinds of music too.  And it’s that combo of accomplishments that make him such a terrific recording producer as well!  What that meant to me, in a recent project for which I engaged Charles, was that he knew exactly where I was going with the music we recorded.  Knew my intentions in every nuance without being told!  And he knew right away how to get the most out of it as he mixed it down.  That means a fraction of the time an engineer would ordinarily spend in post-production, which, of course, means a lot lower total price tag and an infinitely better result.