Internationally awarded and recognized, Charles Szczepanek has enjoyed performing for diverse audiences as well as engineering and producing for many highly-respected artists across multiple genres.  As a musician, songwriter, lyricist, engineer, and producer, his knowledge of music and how to make that music touch listeners on the most intimate level make him an indispensible asset in the recording environment.  He is one of only a handful of engineers in the world who can coach an artist through a session, record that artist with unparalleled realism, and also create the final mixes and masters with an unprecedented ear for detail in the soundstage.

Charles has performed live on WFMT Chicago 98.7 FM, and also records performances regularly heard on KBAQ Phoenix 89.5 FM.

Hailed a ‘Whiz’ and ‘Genius’ by some, Charles has collaborated with Grammy Award winners.  Additional personal achievements include: multiple international prizes for piano performance, recognition by Steinway for ‘Outstanding Piano Performance’, as well as awards in music composition, ensemble direction, and vocal performance.

"I can communicate with performers and artists on a level most engineers and producers cannot. I have been in their shoes."

  About Charles Szczepanek